About Our First Lady


Reverend Brenda Lupton is a woman after God’s own heart. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Personal Savior on October 21, 1981 under the radio ministry of the late Pastor Benjamin Smith, Sr., founder and former Senior Pastor of Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia, PA. She immediately joined Deliverance and at once began working with the Outreach Ministry as a Follow-Up Worker, Street Witnessing Team, Altar Worker and Discipleship Ministry for fifteen years. She attended the Deliverance Bible Institute and The Center for Urban Theological Studies and completed several courses.
Brenda is currently the Overseer of the Women’s Ministry at Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia, PA. Under her leadership the Women’s
Ministry has expanded to several departments, i.e., Heart to Heart, Intercessory Prayer, Fitness Team, Missions and the Women’s Book Club. As the Overseer of the Women’s Ministry she counsels, mentors and admonishes over fifteen hundred women. She coordinates the quarterly fellowships and she also organizes the church’s Women’s Conferences.
In 2006 the Lord gave her a vision to start a Pastors’ Wives Fellowship. Through the grace of God this Fellowship was established. Pastors’ Wives came together on a monthly basis to pray for their husbands, to pray for the different needs of the ministries and to pray for the body of Christ. God answered many prayers out of this fellowship.
Because of the compassion of the Holy Spirit, Brenda had a burden for struggling marriages. In March 2012 the Lord lead her to start a ministry, “The Real Housewives of Beloved.” The purpose of this ministry is to minister healing to marriages. God is tremendously blessing and women are sharing victorious testimonies.
In February 2014 the Lord once again put a burden on Brenda’s heart for the single ladies. She began a Single Ladies Ministry dividing them into two groups according to age. She initially met with them on a monthly basis sharing The Word of God but has since appointed a leader and she oversees the Ministry.
Brenda’s heart desire is to see the body of Christ come together in love and humility so that we can fulfill the Lord’s purpose for our lives; which is to show forth His glory in this present world. She believes that the Lord will perform miracles beyond our comprehension once we lay aside our programs, opinions and ideas and seek His face for His purpose.
She greatly anticipates the day when the body of Christ comes to the realization that we are “one” and we are not competitors.
She is married to Reverend Clement M. Lupton, III, Senior Pastor of Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church and they are the proud parents of one son, Clement Lupton, IV.