All members of Beloved St John Evangelistic Church are encouraged to enroll in classes through the Beloved St. John Evangelistic Bible Institute beginning with Discovering Your Faith I and Discovering Your Faith II.

Beloved St John Evangelistic Bible Institute 

The Beloved St. John Evangelistic Bible Institute was established in 1999 and provides an adult learning environment for individuals eighteen (18) years of age and older. The purpose of the Bible School is to teach Godly life principles and assist in the development of the believers’ knowledge and understanding of the word of God. The Bible School is equipped with competent Christian teachers and offers hands-on practical application of classroom instruction.  Classes are offered five different days throughout the week, including Saturdays, consisting of twelve (12) week academic sessions.

Discovering Your Faith I

This course teaches both new and experienced Christians basic biblical principles and reviews the tenets of our Christian faith.  Topics covered in this course include the new birth experience, assurance of salvation, how to pray, knowing God’s will for your life and so much more.

Discovering Your Faith II

The intelligent child of God must be driven to say, “I must pray.”  In this course, students deal with the key elements of life-changing prayer, such as praying in the Spirit, obstacles of prayer and abiding in Christ and more.  Also, students learn what the Bible has to say about “God’s Chosen Fast”  This study gives the weight that the Scripture gives on fasting and avoids exaggeration and over-emphasis by providing the Spiritual and practical guide to fasting.

If you would like to register for Discovering Your Faith I or II, please contact the Bible Institute at 215-329-5140, X317.  A staff member will gladly talk with you.