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The goal of Congregational Care is to embrace and welcome new members into the church family.  This ministry assists new members in becoming established in the church body and educates them on the vision, mission, doctrines, disciples and direction of the ministry.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (P.L.A.C.E. Training)
P-Personality Discovery, L-Learning Spiritual Gifts, A-Abilities Awareness, C-Connecting Passion with Ministry, E-Experience of Life.
The Spiritual Gift Assessment Workshop is directed by the Membership Ministry and used as a guiding tool to encourage active participation in ministry. The workshop is offered twice a year on Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM in the Chapel.
  • What is a spiritual gift?
    •  A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability given by the Holy Spirit to a person at the moment of his or her salvation.
  • How many spiritual gifts are there?
    • The Bible lists eighteen spiritual gifts in three different chapters (Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4), but the exact number given to the church is unclear.
Administration/Ruling Giving Miracles
Apostleship Healing


Discernment of Spirits Helps/Serving/Ministering Prophecy
Evangelism Interpretation of Tongues Teaching
Exhortation Knowledge Tongues
Faith Mercy Wisdom

  •  What is the purpose of spiritual gifts?
    • The purpose of the gifts is to glorify God and to edify the church.
  •  What is the difference between a talent and a spiritual gift?
    • A natural gift is given to every human being at the time of birth, and a spiritual gift is given by the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation.
    • A talent can be possessed by anyone, Christian or non-Christian, but spiritual gifts are only possessed by Christians.
    • The focus of talents and spiritual gifts is for God’s glory and to minister to others, but talents can also be used entirely for non-spiritual purposes.