Men Of Standard Men's Ministry Scripture:  John 12:32

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."


Core Values: 

Men Of Standard is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to motivating men to understand their God given purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The key to the Men Of Standard are individual men who have accepted a higher calling in the context of their family, church and community. Men of Standard are dedicated to calling men into the ongoing process of godliness. When we reach men, we reach families. With this in mind we see our ministry as a resourcing of the local church.

Resources that belong to the local church should go to the local church (tithes/offering). Our ministry is funded by calling men to a life of sacrificial giving beyond what they give to their local church. We look for faith -based partnerships viewing them as a resource rather than a threat. We value relationships more than we value activity. 

Prayer is foundational to building God's Kingdom (Isa 56:7; Mark 11:17)

Men are the key to restoring the family the church the country and the world- we will do everything possible to support men in their roles as husbands and fathers. With God's help we will move men from seekers to disciple makers as we build a biblical world view together. 

Our Vision: 

To provide a (worldwide) holistic ministry that ministers to the needs of men spiritually, socially, economically, and educationally while lifting up Jesus Christ as the standard to the world!

Our Mission: 

We believe God wants Men Of Standard to be a support to help ignite a worldwide transformation, calling men to follow Jesus Christ. Men Of Standard is not a membership organization. All men of God are welcome to participate in our ministry here at Beloved St John Evangelistic Church and join our mailing list; but are only recognized as Men Of Standard to the degree that they individually live out their testimonies among those who know them.

The Men of Standard Men's Ministry meet every fourth or fifth Monday of every month at 7pm.