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We believe that what we do within each ministry should flow purposefully out of what we value and love. Whether you have a family of 5 or are single and love to ride your mountain bike, you'll find a place to help you experience God.



The Children’s Ministry provides spiritual support to the church ministry by ministering to children ages 2 to 10 during mid-day worship Sunday service. The goal of the Children’s Ministry is to teach children about Jesus Christ and how to apply the word of God to their lives.

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Youth & Young Adults

The Youth & Young Adult Ministry ministers to youth from the ages of 18 to 34. The goal of the ministry is to help youth and young adults develop and maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The purpose of The Men of Standard (MOS) Men’s Ministry is to assist men in their spiritual development. This ministry is built upon Godly principles. As men meet in unity God’s word is taught and men share of the goodness and mercy of Christ in their lives, as they exhort and encourage one another. The goal of this ministry is to equip men so they can become effective Christian leaders in their homes as well as within the body of Christ.

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The Virtuous Christian Women’s Ministry’s mission is to nurture and minister to women, while also encouraging and equipping them to grow spiritually.

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The Single Saved & Soaring Singles Ministry was established for Christian Adults where they can learn of God’s will for the single person and find wholeness and fulfillment in Christ. Activities include open forum discussions where singles related issues are discussed, speakers to encourage and fellowship with church members as well as other singles ministries within the body of Christ.

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Married Couples

The purpose of this ministry is to provide Biblical guidance to married couples, teaching them how to enhance their marriages through the word of God and working toward oneness in Jesus Christ. The goal of the ministry is to help establish homes where Jesus Christ is the center.

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Security Team Ministry



Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure service to our pastor, congregation, and guests attending our church, as well as security personnel becoming                                                                                 a visual deterrent. providing constant security during all monetary transactions within the church building, and providing a safe atmosphere within the body of Beloved St John Evangelistic Church. 



Ministry Purpose/responsibilities: 

This service maintains the security of the church by opening and closing the buildings when requested, for Regular Church Services, Scheduled Ministry meetings, Funeral and Special Event coverage.  The Security Officer(s) provides oversight during Sunday Morning Services, Scheduled Weekly Activities, and Prearranged Community Activities.  This includes monitoring of the parking lots and observing the sanctuary and fellowship hall at all times while in use and at other critical times to ensure the safest possible environment is maintained. Incidents are confronted and addressed in an effective manner that minimizes disruption to service, and harm to persons or property. Security team members are also expected to respond when needed in an emergency medical situation, maintaining a clear and safe passageway for the nurse’s team and any emergency medical response team. there are currently 10 post throughout the inside and outside of the church which the security ministry maintain.



Monthly Meetings:

the security ministry meets the third Saturday of each month in the sanctuary at 10AM-12noon. anyone interested in joining the security ministry must have completed, discovering your faith 1 class and are encouraged to complete discovering your faith 2 along with spiritual maturity classes.


Director: Carolyn Williams

Assistant Directors: Deacon Clarence Jackson, Bro. Dwight Martin & Sis Lisa Hutchinson





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Precious Lambs Ministry

Precious Lamb
PRECIOUS LAMBS is a Preschool Children’s Church that focus on children 2-5years of age. We meet in the fellowship hall every Sunday following Sunday school until church service is over. Our children learn about the Trinity, The Father (GOD), The Son (JESUS) and the Holy Spirit.  They are taught how to apply GOD’s love to everyday life. PROVERB 22:6 SAYS “TRAIN UP A CHILD IN A WAY HE SHALL GO, WHEN HE GET OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT”.  This scripture is our foundation for the Precious Lambs.
We are here to help build a spiritual foundation, along with developing culture, morals and values in our children.  This is done by using various forms and techniques that are fun and exciting ways for them to understand. We read and teach from the Children’s Bible, along with different devotional stories while applying craft and music to bring out the lesson. Children learn the books of the bible, scriptures, how to pray and working together.
Precious Lambs is not just church ministry it is a family. The staff here has genuine love and care for the ministry and treat the children just like their own. Nothing is too hard, no matter how difficult things my get everyone steps in and helps where needed. Team work makes the dream work. We are under great leadership A Man after God’s own Pastor Clement Lupton whom we are taught the true and living WORD.

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Artense Lupton In Home Care Ministry

Do you love helping people?  Then join the Artense Lupton In Home Care Ministry!
The Artense Lupton In Home Care Ministry is looking for Godly men and women to join them and be a part of this ministry.
We visit the sick & shut -in  to offer prayer and encouragement to them and their families.
Matthew 25:36 KJV states “ Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me:
I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”
So, if you love encouraging people and helping them, join us in letting the sick and shut- in know that God has not forgotten them.
Interested persons may contact
Evangelist Carol VanPelt or Sister Louise Worst for more information.

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Congregational Care Ministry

The Congregational C.A.R.E. Ministry
Concerned About Reaching Everyone
  • The Congregational A.R.E. Team works with our Senior Pastor, Administrative Staff, Deacon/Deaconess Ministry, Ministers and Elders for the purpose of connecting our church family via social media, phone blasts, individual phone calls, text messages, emails, and/or mailings.
  • The Team serves as House Administrators for the Twelve Biblical Houses established, in part, as an opportunity for the BSJEC congregation to “stay connected” via Facebook. Each member is assigned to a biblical house according to the first letter of their last name.  Elders, Deacons/Deaconess’, and Ministers are assigned to each house as overseers.
  • The Team supports new members to assimilate into the BSJEC family through new member’s classes. These classes aim to educate new members about the vision, mission, doctrines, and ministries of the BSJEC.  The team also conducts a spiritual gifts training (PLACE), which is available twice a year to the entire congregation.
  • The Team welcomes, connects and tracks visitors interested in joining BSJEC.

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Desktop Publishing

Ministry Leader:  Rev. Michele Hudson

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